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main page

This page most probably take a long time to load because of the graffiti wall please be patient if you want to go to the message board directly choose one :

1. To open in a new window (i.e continue downloading graffiti click here )

2. To stop graffiti and go directly to message board here.

There is a message thread regarding Kargil , you are free to introduce your own !

Type in your name as you would like it to appear in the graffiti and also include you real name for credits ..

Tip :
The graffiti image is made up of smaller pictures put together in a table ... This gives an illusion of a faster download , doing it manually is a pain , use a program like Uleads Web Razor , which is also available on the April '99 copy of PC Quest

TSEC - an (un)official website

Share thought and views with other TSEC'ites over here , What do you think about Kargil ? Do you think Pakistani citizens have the correct picture ? How deeply has it influenced us ? How far reaching are its consequences and do you think we'll go to war ? Just follow the link at the bottom of the page to enter the Message Boards and Type Your Mind ....

On the lighter side enjoy the Graffiti wall and submit some of your own !

Shell users can download the image here.

Grafitti Wall images\thewall1x2.jpg images\thewall1x3.jpg images\thewall1x4.jpg
images\thewall2x1.jpg images\thewall2x2.jpg images\thewall2x3.jpg images\thewall2x4.jpg
images\thewall3x1.jpg images\thewall3x2.jpg images\thewall3x3.jpg images\thewall3x4.jpg
images\thewall4x1.jpg images\thewall4x2.jpg images\thewall4x3.jpg images\thewall4x4.jpg
images\thewall5x1.jpg images\thewall5x2.jpg images\thewall5x3.jpg images\thewall5x4.jpg



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