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TSEC - an (un)official website

ORISSA CRISIS: (For those who are not subscribed to the TSEC Onelist) ... Please do YOUR bit and visit CauseAnAffect Its a site modelled along the lines of The HungerSite where the sponsors pay for a food packet for every click on the site ... Please visit it!! Everybit counts !
Credit for information on this link goes to TSEC'ite
Aashish Kumar Saxena

Hi !  I hope these services can be of help to people in TSEC ... I noticed that there were quite a few TSEC'ites with webpages , on a wide variety of topics and I am sure the number will grow in the future ..... Through this webpage I hope to bring all these pages together and make it easier for the rest to enjoy the hard work gone into these pages ..... hopefully they will be a source of inspiration for more and more TSEC'ites to form a strong virtual community .Here's a brief overview of the site :

TSEC MAIL : Get free email at ...... Its a hotmail clone with almost all its features and a couple more ..... its fast & reliable (hotmail has been giving a lot of trouble lately) . If this catches on it would be easy to keep in touch with each other , no matter which part of the world you go to ! If someone loses your email-id it will be easier to guess it since will stay the same ...

WEB RING : To those unfamiliar with the 'webring' concept .... Its the system that will tie up all the sites together ..... go here to join or explore the ring .

TOPIC SEARCH : Websites categorised by topic

BATCH SEARCH : Websites categorised by batch of the Webmaster

TSEC VIEWS : Express your views ... write in and speak out on anything , absolutely no restrictions ! You can also submit your Graffiti , I'll put it up ASAP

CHATROOM : A last minute experimental setup ! Doesn't need much explanation go there and try it out !

That's it for now ....... any comments , suggestions or plain brickbats ,as usual, are always welcome ..... mail me at

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